Civil Rights


UPDATE: I’ve been invited to Texas! I’m heading down to report on Stop Patriarchy because, frankly, it shouldn’t have to be the job of busy, hard-working, over-burdened Texas activists to police a costal co-opting group. YOU can help support my… Read More ›

Open Doors

Come on in… I’m instituting an open door policy. Far too much is need of repair to turn away willing hands. My youthful, ideological mindset – as many predicted – hasn’t been tempered by experience, thus giving way to cynicism… Read More ›

Angry Lefty

I’ve been called “angry” a lot since June 5th. “Sore loser” has been rather popular as well in the passive aggressive ether of social media. “Lefty” and “liberal” have a hold on the top slots and remain my favorite slurs… Read More ›