Speaking Up

Miscellaneous bits and pieces, thoughts and commentary that are better housed on my website than other outlets.

New Tawking!

The news keeps coming! A new forum for debate and discussion has taken off and I wanted in! Tawkers is a unique platform for uncensored, well, talking. (If you want to know why it’s spelled with a “w,” try out… Read More ›

Right To Satisfaction

Audio version: Sex is a human right. And not just sex. Satisfying sex. Not going through the motions sex or compulsory, mundane, perfunctory sex. Great sex. The kind often described as mind-blowing, but that I would call “poetic” and “connected”… Read More ›

Repeal Hyde Already!

Typically I don’t do separate posts here for my Best of the Left Podcast activism segments, but this one is particularly relevant to the reproductive justice topics I routinely cover at Katie Speak. The importance of repealing the Hyde Amendment… Read More ›


Changes are afoot! Relax, everything is going to be fine. Actually, don’t relax. I’m excited, so I encourage you to be excited as well. Things are in the works – some requiring new equipment and web hosting expenses. If you… Read More ›