Speaking Up

Miscellaneous bits and pieces, thoughts and commentary that are better housed on my website than other outlets.

Thursday Reader (12/19/13)

Excerpts from my feeds A word… Thirteen days. That’s when my Affordable Care Act created, New York State Health Exchange implemented insurance kicks in. In the meantime, I’m winding down almost two months without healthcare and the daily prescriptions that… Read More ›

New Tawking!

The news keeps coming! A new forum for debate and discussion has taken off and I wanted in! Tawkers is a unique platform for uncensored, well, talking. (If you want to know why it’s spelled with a “w,” try out… Read More ›

Right To Satisfaction

Audio version: Sex is a human right. And not just sex. Satisfying sex. Not going through the motions sex or compulsory, mundane, perfunctory sex. Great sex. The kind often described as mind-blowing, but that I would call “poetic” and “connected”… Read More ›

Repeal Hyde Already!

Typically I don’t do separate posts here for my Best of the Left Podcast activism segments, but this one is particularly relevant to the reproductive justice topics I routinely cover at Katie Speak. The importance of repealing the Hyde Amendment… Read More ›


Changes are afoot! Relax, everything is going to be fine. Actually, don’t relax. I’m excited, so I encourage you to be excited as well. Things are in the works – some requiring new equipment and web hosting expenses. If you… Read More ›

Oh. My. God.

I’m not Catholic. I was never Catholic. A quarter of the American population is at least culturally Catholic, however. That’s 75 million people. And if you include the adult children of Catholics who no longer identify with their parents’ faith,… Read More ›