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  • Blinded By Science

    I’m not the begging sort. However, I find myself fending off the compulsion to clasp my hands together, hit my knees and plead with legislators, spokespeople, religious leaders, school board members and media commentators to look directly at scientific reality…. Read More ›

  • One year later…

    One year ago I spoke. It was less a decision than it was a compulsion. As wedge issue rhetoric was ramping up in the pre-election season, Susan G. Komen pulled their funding from Planned Parenthood. The right-wing squawkers were having… Read More ›

  • Assholery

    Alarmists. Hypocrites. Opportunists. Fakes. Phonies. Liars. Self-centered. Misogynistic. Patriarchal. Partisan. Money-hungry. Power-hungry. All of the above when combined result in assholery – and assholery is running roughshod all over absolutely everybody right now. If you took a break while Congress… Read More ›

  • Crest in 3D

    Arrgh. The moment where if you have to explain why something is offensive, it means it can’t be explained. Well, mostly it means the non-offended will likely continue blinking blankly at you post explanation. So, when the new Crest 3D… Read More ›

  • Bread, Goldfish and the Fiscal Cliff

    15 seconds. A very short span of time – unless you’re, say, a goldfish. A very short span of time that happens to be about how long a piece of bread needs in the microwave to extend its edibility beyond… Read More ›

  • One in four women…

    The House Majority Leader was misquoted this morning as saying, “We blocked the Violence Against Women Act because the Senate forced it on us without our consent. I’m sure women understand.” I, along with a number of people I trust,… Read More ›

  • Memo to the Anti-Choice

    Dear Sir or Madam: I am part of the post-Roe generation. I grew up under the protective umbrella the dedicated women who came before me secured through their tireless advocacy. They fought on behalf of the 5,000 women who lost… Read More ›