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  • Patriarchal Practitioner in Chief

    A preface, for an audience of one: Mr. President, when I voted for you, I couldn’t imagine the anger I feel today. When the desire to maintain my personal, physical autonomy kept me in your corner despite a wealth of… Read More ›

  • Time To Lace Up

    We’re at the starting line. I know we just toasted first responders and law enforcement and the amazing race participant who identified the kids with the backpacks. You didn’t imagine the victory beer. It was delicious, and hopefully Irish because,… Read More ›

  • Katie Squared

    It’s rare that you get to meet, befriend, and ultimately work with someone you find inspirational. I have been lucky enough to do all three with the supremely fantastic Katie Goodman. She’s hilarious and thought provoking and brilliant — have… Read More ›

  • Rave to the Grave

    Peace, love, empathy, family. This piece from the dynamic Cynthia Cone will have you vowing to Rave to the Grave for whatever moves you. The personal is political and her story about veterans, her mother and herself proves each of… Read More ›

  • Legislative (In)action

    April 5, 2013 Dear American Legislator: Can we talk? Just you and me, voter to representative. I’ve got a couple things on my mind and this brief time between campaigns is the only chance we get to be real with… Read More ›

  • Ten Against

    I should be cheering. I just can’t. The Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized this week. It was even the “good” version – the one from the Senate with the new protections for those in the LGBT, Native American and… Read More ›

  • Blinded By Science

    I’m not the begging sort. However, I find myself fending off the compulsion to clasp my hands together, hit my knees and plead with legislators, spokespeople, religious leaders, school board members and media commentators to look directly at scientific reality…. Read More ›