Oh, hello! Welcome to my online hub. KatieSpeak is the portal to my writing and media clips, nonprofit and activism work, social media campaigning and personal musings. If you’re here, you probably heard or read me somewhere or follow me on Twitter, which means you know some basics already. Here’s a bit more and a link to the specifics!

My background is in straight journalism (from the inflexible days of print media), so I initially resisted incorporating opinion into my prose. When my personal story ran smack into the alarmingly less fringy wing of the conservative movement in 2012, however, I discovered that who I am is my strength rather than a distraction. While I routinely take on a range of topics, I’m drawn to reproductive healthcare access as the battle I’m most suited to passionately fight.

I now contribute regularly to a number of radio programs, podcasts and TV/internet video broadcasts. I’m also an award-winning social media director, fundraiser and community-builder as well as the Activism Director/Segment Writer at The Best of the Left Podcast. And, in all my spare time, I’m a dedicated activist who helps establish clinic defense escort programs, providing logistical and moral support to reproductive access groups.

Need more info? Visit my Credentials page to vet and contact me for contracted writing and media appearances and my Copyright Notice for usage policy.

Comment policy:
I encourage and seek out intelligent, good faith debate and willingly answer genuine questions. I find personal attacks and talking points boring, however. Attempting to provoke a reaction through inflammatory language is a useless venture; I was inoculated at an early age and my immunizations are up to date. Your comment won’t appear until approved to help make this as safe a space as I can moderate.

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