Housing Is A Human Right, During #Covid & Beyond w/ #NY10 Candidate @LindseyBoylan! — KSS#178

Joining me is my new favorite candidate for the House: Lindsey Boylan! She moved to New York without bootstraps, scraping by the way so many of us and so few office-holders have. Called to public service, she worked her way up to the office of Economic Development for the state of New York, where, as deputy secretary, she helped make the $15 minimum wage a reality along with paid family leave.

LINDSEY! I am thrilled that you could make time to talk about not just your candidacy for Congress, but WHY you’re running and the practical {admittedly wonky} side of declarations like “housing is a human right.”

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Enhanced audio: Housing Is A Human Right, During #Covid & Beyond w/ #NY10 Candidate @LindseyBoylan! — KSS#178 05/29/2020

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My take…

Seriously, take a minute to scan her Priorities Page; if she wins in her district, she goes to the House to make policy for ALL of us.

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A bit of background on Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY-10)

This sort of TWEET: ”…Housing is a key way we experience extreme inequality, especially in a community like mine – the most unequal in the country….”

”Op-Ed: Congressman Nadler why are you Refusing to Debate Lindsey Boylan?” via King County Politics

Tweets referenced from: @JulianCastro and @LindseyBoylan

”NY outsources jobs to process 2 million unemployment claims” via The New York Post

”Lockdown Delays Cost at Least 36,000 Lives, Data Show” via The New York Times

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