Psssst: It’s Not Just About #RoevWade! Breaking Down #Abortion Law w/ Jeryl Hayes (J.D., LL.M.) of @IfWhenHow — #KatieSpeakShow Ep172 06/01/2019

In brief: The three-part series with the experts at If/When/How (newly merged with SIA Legal Team) continues with the outstanding Jeryl Hayes! She breaks down the legal landscape that has allowed (and in some ways encouraged) the proliferation of the restrictions on abortion at the state-level. We talk about the problems caused by a relentless focus on Roe v. Wade — not just the over-confident expectation that this precedent was good enough to hold in perpetuity, but which people were never truly protected in a system that trades money for access to basic human rights like bodily autonomy. It’s a birth justice bonanza, y’all!

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Enhanced audio: Psssst: It’s Not Just About #RoevWade! Breaking Down #Abortion Law w/ Jeryl Hayes (J.D., LL.M.) of @IfWhenHow — #KatieSpeakShow Ep172 06/01/2019

Links to on-air references:

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


“Jeryl Hayes Joins If/When/How as Movement Building Director”

“Does Your Roe Anniversary Center Racial and Economic Justice?” by Jeryl Hayes, If/When/How

“Reproductive Rights at Risk With or Without Roe” via The American Prospect — Winter 2019 issue of The American Prospect magazine

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