Science, Trump, and Identity – Part II w/ @transcribe of @Rewire_News — #KatieSpeakShow Ep166 03/16/2019

In brief: Welcome to Part II, the conclusion of my eclectic conversation with Rewire.News federal policy reporter Katelyn Burns! She and I wander — as we do — and tangent through the murky waters of science proving a person’s identity is valid, Trump-Pence HIV/AIDS hypocrisy, gatekeepers to which stories get told and the effect on cultural norms, and more!

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Enhanced audio: Science, Trump, and Identity – Part II w/ @transcribe of @Rewire_News — #KatieSpeakShow Ep166 03/16/2019

Links to on-air references:

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


“Scientists Blast Trump’s ‘Absurd’ Anti-Trans Memo: “The proposal is in no way ‘grounded in science’ as the administration claims.”” via Rewire.News

“‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration” via The New York Times

“It’s Time to Retire the Media’s Sad Transgender Trope: Transgender writers shouldn’t have to perform sadness or pain just to get published.” via Rewire.News

“Could Congress Block Trump’s Trans Military Ban? — Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand introduced legislation to protect transgender service members and undermine the discriminatory trans military ban.” via Rewire.News

“Trump Administration Quietly Meets With Anti-Choice Groups Ahead of Lame Duck Session: Anti-choice groups called on the president not to sign any budget containing federal funding for Planned Parenthood or fetal tissue research.” via Rewire.News

“Trump Targets Abortion in State of the Union: Trump also announced that the administration would seek to eradicate the HIV epidemic.” via Rewire.News

“The Anti-Choice War on Fetal Tissue Research Got a Congressional Hearing: Fetal tissue research has again become a controversial issue as anti-choice groups pressure the Trump administration to end its federal funding.” via Rewire.News

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