The Creeping Threat of Catholic Hospitals (‘non-profit’ corporations) w/ @Rewire_News’ @AmyLittlefield — #KatieSpeakShow Ep155 12/08/2018

In brief: Until I started following award-winning investigative reporter Amy Littlefield’s work on Catholic health ‘care’ institutions, I had no idea that ONE IN SIX acute care beds in the U.S. were now subject to the whims of the Vatican and the way local bishops interpret those whims. These now massive non-profit corporations are shunning the mission that nuns and others were dedicated to a hundred+ years ago; they no longer care for the indigent, instead maximizing profits while denying necessary care to certain patients.

This is an extremely important episode. I implore you to listen, share, and continue following Amy’s work on this topic — and check on the hospitals in your area so that you can be informed even in an emergency situation.

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Enhanced audio: The Creeping Threat of Catholic Hospitals (‘non-profit’ corporations) w/ @Rewire_News’ @AmyLittlefield — #KatieSpeakShow Ep155 12/08/2018

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My take…

“USPS suspends regular delivery Wednesday for Day of Mourning in honor of George HW Bush” via ABC News

“‘Kinder Gentler Indifference’: Activists Challenge George H.W. Bush’s Record On AIDS” via NPR

“What was George H.W. Bush’s record on race?” via PBS Newshour

“DISSECTING GEORGE H.W. BUSH’S UNUSUAL ELECTORAL RECORD: The elder Bush won an election that was hard to win, and lost one that was hard to lose. How does this happen?” via Pacific Standard

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


“Is Your Hospital Catholic? Many Women Don’t Know. Patients seeking care in Catholic facilities have been turned away while bleeding and made to wait until they sicken to receive miscarriage treatment.” via Rewire.News

“Catholic Hospitals Offer a Preview of Life Without ‘Roe.’ And Bishops Just Tightened the Rules. Reproductive health advocates worry changes approved this month will inspire a crackdown by Catholic bishops charged with interpreting rules on abortion, sterilization, and contraception.” via Rewire.News

“Savita Halappanavar: Her tragic death and how she became part of Ireland’s abortion debate” via the

“World’s Largest Catholic Health System Wants to Close D.C. Hospital That Serves the Poor (Updated) — Even as Catholic hospitals have moved away from serving the poor, they have adhered to other sections of the Catholic directives that curtail access to abortion, contraception, tubal ligations, vasectomies, gender transition-related care, and some fertility treatments.” via Rewire.News

“For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts’ Advice to Women” by Barbara Ehrenreich

“Catholic Hospital Mega-Merger Includes Reproductive Health-Care Safeguards in California” Rewire.News

“Meet Christus, the US Catholic Health Chain Restricting Access to Reproductive Care in Mexico — As Mexico’s largest Catholic health-care system, Christus restricts a range of reproductive health services, including contraceptives, sterilization, abortion, and in vitro fertilization.” via Rewire.News

FOLLOW: Laura Gottesdiener, co-author of the Rewire.News Christus piece with Amy Littlefield

“New Legislation Would Give Access to Medication Abortion on California Public College Campuses” via Truthout

“California’s “Pro-Choice” Governor Vetoes Abortion Access Bill” via Truthout

“Why Now More Than Ever We Need ‘Shout Your Abortion’ — The new book is poised to be a vital tool for person-to-person connection and part of the broader work for culture-wide change.” via Rewire.News

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