Targeting Should Not Be ‪#‎PartOfTheJob‬ For #Abortion Providers— #KatieSpeakShow Ep32 04/16/2016

In brief: This week, my good friend Shireen Whitaker of Women’s Health Specialists is on to discuss the new statistics from the National Abortion Federation on the increase in harassment, threats, and violence to providers since the release of the doctored anti-Planned Parenthood videos — which lead to the indictment of the man behind them and the Center for Medical Progress. In the intro, talk about the latest anti-choicer attacks on abortion access: temporarily, but repeatedly, taking down the National Network of Abortion Funds annual bowl-a-thon fundraiser page this week so people are unable to donate to help provide this life saving care. I also discuss #EqualPayDay, how far we haven’t come, and why we should start declaring #IAmMoreThanMyLabor.

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Enhanced audio: Targeting Should Not Be ‪#‎PartOfTheJob‬ For #Abortion Providers— #KatieSpeakShow Ep32 04/16/2016

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My take…

Donate to my bowl-a-thon through the #Bowl16 page or at my PayPal page with a note.

My article at RollingStone on last year’s hacks: “Planned Parenthood Under Attack by Anti-Abortion Hackers, Politicians”

My piece at The Establishment on the ANSIRH study confirming what we already knew, that abortion is a public good: “Access To Abortion Contributes To A More Positive Life Outlook”

My #EqualPayDay piece for The Establishment: “The Feminist Movement Has A Capitalism Problem”

Read my Rewire news Q&A with Rebecca Traister & use the link to get her book: “On ‘Single Ladies’ Making History: A Q&A With Rebecca Traister”

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


My profile of WHS at The Establishment: “How One Clinic Is Fighting For A Reproductive Health Revolution”

2015 VIOLENCE AND DISRUPTION STATISTICS: A dramatic escalation in hate speech, threats, and violence via The National Abortion Federation (NAF)

“Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Against CMP” via The National Abortion Federation (NAF)

Infographic of Center For Medical Progress Anti-Choice Connections via Rewire News

“Authorities Raid Home of Little Shit Behind Planned Parenthood Videos” via Broadly


My piece on the Repro FACT Act for Truthout: “Activists and Faith Leaders Push Back on Fake Reproductive Health Clinics”

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Women’s Health Specialists: website & Twitter

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