When “Better Than It Used To Be” Is No Longer Enough — #KatieSpeakShow Ep14 12/05/2015

In brief: Today’s show is all about demanding more — demanding a real shot and a real life and real chances at real equality and justice. I can’t think of two better people to have on than Ijeoma Oluo and Angela Peoples to discuss exactly that with. If you haven’t met these two amazing women yet, prepare to be inspired.

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Enhanced audio: When “Better Than It Used To Be” Is No Longer Enough — #KatieSpeakShow Ep14 12/05/2015


This is the first installment of “Meet the New Establishment” because all of my editors at The Establishment are so outstanding I want to have each one of the them on over the next few months. Ijeoma is great and you should read all of her things all the places including Twitter where she’s honest and brilliant.

I met Angela at a reproductive justice event and immediately became a fan of her straight-forward, unapologetic style of rhetoric and action. She regularly puts herself on the line standing up for what she believes and calling attention to systemic injustice. She’s also impressively optimistic.

Quote of the Show: “They’re [Millennials] just not gonna settle any more. I love that we’ve reached that point. Before we weren’t at a place where we could ask for more. And now it’s just like Fuck It! No, what? I gotta wait another 300 years? Not waiting another 300 years.”

Links to on-air references:

My take…

“Latest mass shooting unfolds in Southern California” — the 355th so far this year

“Alabama man charged with terrorism after threatening to kill everyone in doctor’s office” via RawStory

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


Ijeoma’s discussed work at The Establishment:

“Why We Don’t Have A Comments Section”

“What IS Body Positivity Anyway?” — interview with Substantia Jones

“Black Kids Will Save America”

My piece on food assistance for Rolling Stone: “Republicans Are Trying to Take Food Out of My Mouth”

“#YearWithoutTamir or, Why GetEQUAL Staff Are in Cleveland This Week” via GetEQUAL

“Cover-Up in Chicago” via The New York Times

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Ijeoma Oluo: on Twitter & website

Angela Peoples: personal Twitter & radio show Twitter

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