Hal Sparks Radio Prgm — #FightBackTX Update & #PPShooting (11/14 & 28/2015)

In brief: My regular spot with Hal Sparks on WCPT Radio, Chicago!

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Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: Hal Sparks Radio Prgm — #FightBackTX Update: Road to SCOTUS — (11/14/2015)

Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: Hal Sparks Radio Prgm — #PPShooting & #Abortion Provider Violence — (11/28/2015)


Today’s post is a two-for-one! I’m a little behind posting my guest spot segments because I was sick AF and it’s been a busy repro season, which means a lot of media requests. Until I can make my unpaid media work sustainable through support from listeners (see the link above), I will sometimes fall behind while having to prioritize paid work/writing. So! Here are my last two appearances on Hal’s show:

I was on to catch Hal’s listeners up with the latest on the Whole Woman’s Health case out of Texas, fighting the omnibus anti-abortion law HB2. This is the law Wendy Davis and the “unruly mob” successfully filibustered in 2013 — only to see Gov. Perry call another special session to pass it. The Supreme Court has decided to hear the case and I have the update, the timeline, and what’s at stake for the country.

I came back on to talk about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs. WCPT was having technical difficulties, so Hal couldn’t hear me — which makes for a couple gaps in the segment. But my recorder works and hopefully you’ll still find the segment valuable. Hal has a tendency to unnecessarily include “mentally ill” in the categories of people who shouldn’t have access to guns as though we’re likely to be perpetrators, but the content of the back and forth is overall focused on rhetoric in politics and media that promote and excuse extremist, violent behavior like this against reproductive healthcare providers.

Links to on-air references:

My piece for Truthout: “Texas Women Are Already Inducing Their Own Abortions; Will the Supreme Court Worsen This Trend?”

“The Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole Overview & In-Depth Timeline” via The Center for Reproductive Rights

Map of clinics from pre-HB2 to now to what’s at stake via The Center for Reproductive Rights

“Supreme Court to hear major abortion case” via MSNBC

My piece on the shooting at The Establishment: “Targeted Attacks On Abortion Providers Is Domestic Terrorism”

“White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study” via NBC News

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