#SquadGoals and Consent — #KatieSpeakShow Ep9 10/31/2015

In brief: Two of my favorite people are on today’s show. Avital Norman Nathan who’s friendship & patience and peer mentorship has been one of the foundations upon which I’ve built a life and a career. We talk feminism, consent, & squad goals vs competitiveness. And I could talk to Dan Solomon about basically everything from sports to music to feminism to pop culture; take a gander at his Twitter feed to see why. You’re welcome.

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Enhanced audio: #SquadGoals and Consent — #KatieSpeakShow Ep9 10/31/2015


My good friend Avital comes on to talk about raging feminists, humor and culture change, and how we have built a community of peer-mentor woman friends that have dismantled the way our culture taught me to see other women and girls as only competitors.

Then, Dan Solomon breaks down the intersection of sports and rape culture with the story he and Jessica Luther broke about Baylor’s program and the conflation innocence until proven guilty. And then — because he is, apparently, magic — he gives me back hockey. To show my appreciation, I’m splitting the interview in half to keep the conversation going. Stay tuned for part two!

Quotes of the Show:

“You need to hone your voice and then find people to support you — you know, squad goals.” — Avital Norman Nathman

“Once someone starts saying ’This is what happened,’ that’s evidence; that is what evidence looks like. And so the idea that you can still maintain innocent until proven guilty even as you are hearing this evidence, means that there’s never> enough evidence.” — Dan Solomon

Links to on-air references:

My take…

THE ESTABLISHMENT LAUNCHES! More info on how we came to be: Who’s funding women-run media?” at Columbia Journalism Review

“Dateless, Singled Out, And Not Taking It Anymore — #ItsTotallyMe”

“Congresswoman Barbara Lee On Her Move To Protect Abortion Rights”

“America Doesn’t Care About Black Women And Girls” by Ijeoma Oluo

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


“Ask a Raging Feminist: How do you prepare for bathing suit season?”

“Take a peek inside the fridges of some of our favorite feminists”

“Ask a Raging Feminist: What does consent mean to you?”

“What Does “Squad Goals” Mean? Here’s What You Should Know About This Term” by Mikaela Gilbert at Bustle

Shout out to the amazing Andrea Grimes

“Silence at Baylor” by Jessica Luther and Dan Solomon

Read all of Dan’s things at Fast Company’s Co.Create: Recent Articles

Shout out to Parker Molloy

My review of the book I referenced by Kate Harding that addresses the conflation of “innocent until proven guilty” so well: “‘Asking for It’: Why We Need to Get Angry About Rape Culture”

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Dan Solomon: website & Twitter

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