#TiredOfBeingNice: Getting Real About Courts & Culture — #KatieSpeakShow Ep7 10/17/2015

In brief: This week’s show is SO GOOD. The brilliant and generous Dahlia Lithwick is on for a ‪Supreme Court‬ preview, to discuss CA’s new right-to-die law, & offer pearls of cultural wisdom. Then, other voice of the show, Normandie Wilson, stopped by to talk about her new album and why she’s ‪#‎TiredOfBeingNice‬.

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Enhanced audio: #TiredOfBeingNice: Getting Real About Courts & Culture — #KatieSpeakShow Ep7 10/17/2015


I’d been meaning to have Normandie on since she so graciously granted me permission to use her music and the week of a new release seemed perfect. This album — #TiredOfBeingNice — is a long time coming and a bit of a departure from her typical style. She’ll tell you how an “album of lessons” came to be what caused her life attitude shift.

Dahlia Lithwick will make you care about the court as she lays down outstanding explanations with references to the Easter Bunny, long division, and Sandra Day O’Connor’s left cortex. If you thought the Supreme Court and the law was snooze-inducing, you’ve never heard it discussed like this. Likewise for right-to-die legislation. Toward the end, she captures my heart by giving a nod to the unlucky, which I promise she didn’t know applied to me; she’s just an empathetic, rational person.

I took the opening to bring up the “compartmentalization of the left” — my always-simmering-beneath-the-surface frustration — and Dahlia adds her astute observations. And also gave Jessica Mason Pieklo some much deserved love; you should also follow her and read all her things.

Quote(s) of the Show! I couldn’t choose. Here are three from Dahlia Lithwick:

“Katie, tell me about the Easter Bunny!”

“Is it only women who need Uncle Kennedy to tell them that they’re not able to make their own decisions?”

”There’s nothing you could possibly legislate that would be too burdensome if all you’re trying to do is help the lady make a better choice.”

Links to on-air references:

My take…

“Some people need medication for their mental health. These selfies show that’s perfectly OK.” by Wagatwe Wanjuki</a

“LinkedIn is giving its employees ‘unlimited’ vacation plus 17 paid holidays” via Business Insider

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


Normandie Wilson’s post about her new album: “I’m Tired of Being Nice – part 1”

Dahlia Lithwick’s referenced articles:

“The Supreme Court’s Most Important Cases of the New Term: Just how bad will things be for abortion, affirmative action, unions, and voting rights?”

”Jerry Brown’s Humble, Humane Decision: All lawmakers should follow his example, especially when thinking about life and death.”

“The Supreme Court Has Nothing to Hide, So Don’t Look”

Amicus: Cameras in the Courtroom (audio)

The HuffPost Live segment with “the math” on the Fifth Circuit Court decision I referenced: “#HB2 Decision Shutters Clinics Again #FightBackTX — HuffPostLive (06/10/15)”

More on the law I was excited about — #4EACHOfUs: “Widespread Public Support Bolsters Bill to End Restrictions on Abortion Coverage” at Truthout

Follow my guests…

Normandie Wilson: Twitter & music/website

Dahlia Lithwick: Twitter & writing/Slate

Blog Extras:

If you enjoyed her as much as I did, get to know Dahlia Lithwick a little bit more in this video interview with SCOTUSblog (an outlet folks who want to dig more into the court and get wonky/nerdy with us political geeks should follow and read).

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