Netroots Radio After Show — Oh, Bobby; #PlannedParenthood Sues AK; & Justice Invents Crisis Gun Shops (10/07/15)

In brief:My regular feminist round-up spot with Justice!

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Enhanced audio: Netroots Radio After Show — Oh, Bobby; #PlannedParenthood Sues AK; & Justice Invents Crisis Gun Shops (10/07/15)


All you need is the title. I have no idea how we crammed so much into just over 20 minutes, but we touched on the Oregon shooting and Governor Bobby Jindal’s ill-advised blog rant; the report out of Texas that says HB2 is having exactly the affect on patients seeking abortion we knew it would and know it does; Planned Parenthood plans to collect on an outstanding bill from the state of Arkansas; and Justice has an ingenious idea about gun control.

Links to on-air references:

“Planned Parenthood class action sought” via ArkansasOnline

“Bobby Jindal’s Gun Control Stance in Question After Lafayette Shooting” via .Mic

“Jindal Pens Angry Blog Post Blaming Oregon Shooting On Abortion, Movies, Absent Dads” at ThinkProgress

“Texas Passed A Harsh Anti-Abortion Law. Now, We Have Proof It’s Hurting Women.”

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