The CoffeeCast — My Origin Story + #StandWithPP & #GOPdebate — (09/22/2015)

In brief: The delightful Tom Cheevers had me on his Netroots Radio original show to talk about how I got where I am, reproductive rights, and politics in general. It was a really delightful chat; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: The CoffeeCast — My Origin Story + #StandWithPP & #GOPdebate — (09/22/2015)

Links to on-air references:

My piece on #4EACHOfUs: “Widespread Public Support Bolsters Bill to End Restrictions on Abortion Coverage”

My piece on #DefundPP: “The Unseen Costs of Defunding Planned Parenthood”

The #KatieSpeakShow w/Leah Torres and my friends at ReproAction that I referenced during this episode: “Greetings! & Repro Round-up — #KatieSpeakShow Ep1 09/05/2015”

The easy download/stream and additional text description/info/video/audio is available at the Guest Media Spot Archive tab on my website.

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