Intersectionality, Not Convenience & Compromise — #KatieSpeakShow Ep3 09/19/2015

In brief: I update the Patrick Kane rape accusation situation; Melissa Gira Grant and I talk privilege and responsibility in writing/advocacy/activism; and Parker Molloy and I discuss how to apologize for missteps and identities that are in and of themselves considered insults in our culture.

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Enhanced audio: Intersectionality, Not Convenience & Compromise — #KatieSpeakShow Ep3 09/19/2015


My beloved Chicago Blackhawks held a rather unfortunate press conference; I excerpt Tim Baffoe’s piece and discuss rape culture in sports and the loss of an escapism as so many of us are increasingly conflicted cheering for people accused and convicted of violent crimes.

Melissa Gira Grant was “back” — through the magic of pre-recording! We discuss the case of Meghan Taylor, a trans woman of color, who was arrested and detained when hotel staff profiled her and what her case can teach us about ethics in reporting, privilege, and bringing inclusion to our activism spaces and “regular lives.” We ask some questions without easy answers like: How do we move to a place where we aren’t constantly intervening from a place of compromise?

Then, Parker & I chat about how to apologize for missteps, discuss the way White Feminism (TM) seems to “catch up” along with the rest of society on what’s acceptable to be exclusionary about, identities that are considered insults in our culture, and then we chatted about sports and rape culture — but my teach learning curve created an audio glitch I couldn’t fix. Hopefully I’ll get that together for the bonus feed because the conversation was great!

Quote of the Show: “What is considered news is filtered through people’s ability to see a story vs people’s insistence that they have to — Is this an LGBT story? Is this a trans story? This is somebody’s life. And the reality of somebody’s life is that all these things are happening at once in a system that is completely working against them.” — Melissa Gira Grant

Links to on-air references:

My take…

“Believing Victims Is the First Step to Stopping Rape”Wagatwe Wanjuki on her #SurvivorPrivilege

“Baffoe: The Deal With Patrick Kane” by Time Baffoe

“Patrick Kane Holds Disastrous Q&A At Blackhawks Training Camp” via Deadspin

My piece for RH Reality Check: “Patrick Kane and the Culture of Disbelief About Rape”

If you want more (or prefer audio), my interview with Dave Zirin: “Edge of Sports Radio — Patrick Kane & #RapeCulture — (08/20/2015)”

Audre Lorde self-care quote via Know Your IX: “Dealing with Activist Burn-Out and Self-Care”


“Young, Black, Trans, Arrested: How Women Like Meagan Taylor Are Made Invisible” by Melissa Gira Grant at

“Kansas City woman’s death is 17th reported transgender murder this year” via The Guardian

From Parker at Upworthy:

“Here are 4 quick tips to being a better friend to trans people.”

“It’s hard being trans. It’s even harder when you can’t find a doctor. A new site hopes to fix that.”

“Later this year, English engineers will begin testing a project that could revolutionize how we fuel our cars.”

“9 people who put a human face on the student debt crisis”

“How Changeable Is Gender?” via The New York Times

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Melissa Gira Grant — website & Twitter

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