Matthew Filipowicz Show — #StandWithPP, Mike Huckabee’s Troop Protection of Fetuses, & GOP Targeting the Hungry — (08/07/15)

In brief: Back on with my friend Matthew Filipowicz to talk about the attempted hacks on Planned Parenthood & what they mean in context, perennial presidential candidate Mike Huckabee vowing to call in troops to end abortion, and the GOP’s complete lack of shame or awareness when bragging that they cut SNAP & WIC (they didn’t, but they want to).

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Enhanced audio: MFS 06/02/15 — The #DrTiller Anniversary & GOOD NEWS in #Abortion Access


It’s always good to be on with Matt who, if you haven’t been around since before the beginning of my restarted writing career, was the first to put me on air to discuss something I wrote. He didn’t care that I didn’t bring a platform of thousands of listeners, readers, or followers; he simply felt my penned-in-frustration-and-honesty abortion story was worth giving airtime to.

In this interview we covered a lot of ground. I talked about the Planned Parenthood videos in broad terms and transitioned to the supposed (unsubstantiated) hacks on their provider information. We put it in the context of anti-abortion targeting and violence, which is what makes even just the claim of stolen personal information an act of domestic terrorism.

We also gave Mike Huckabee and his faux-Constitutional basis for bringing in the FBI to shut down abortion clinics. And then we talked about the GOP’s long-term wish to cut food assistance — you know, because of their commitment to life.

Links to on-air references:

My Rolling Stone article: “Planned Parenthood Under Attack by Anti-Abortion Hackers, Politicians

“Huckabee Floats Plan To Deploy U.S. Troops To Stop Women From Getting Abortions” at ThinkProgress

My Rolling Stone article: “Republicans Are Trying to Take Food Out of My Mouth”

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