Netroots Radio — #NN15 Rehash & #StandWithPP (07/22/15)

In brief: My regular spot with Justice!

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Enhanced audio: Netroots AfterShow 07/22/15 — #NN15 Rehash & #StandWithPP


Today was another true round-up as Justice and I made our way around the country touching on WI Governor Scott Walker’s latest harmful legislation to prove his conservative cred, Netroots Nation 2015 — what was present and what was strikingly absent, and the launch of doctored videos to intimidate and discredit Planned Parenthood providers.

Links to on-air references:

“Scott Walker signs 20-week abortion ban” via

“An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren Regarding the Marginalization of Reproductive Rights at Netroots Nation” via ReproAction

BOOKMARK this: “Infographic: A Network of Lies” — a breakdown of the interconnected groups and individuals funding Center For Medical Progress, the group behind the doctored “expose” Planned Parenthood videos from RH Reality Check.

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