I Made It! (…almost) And Other Updates

In brief: Thank you; catching up; new almost-announcements!
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First, to everyone who’s sent messages and posted my #PovertyIs pieces and threw their support behind me at Patreon:

thank you dog smile

I managed to survive and get moved!

gru yes

But that’s just the start. I’m at the end of a 25-year marathon of a schedule my body has revolted against because it isn’t human.

empire fall down

Luckily, I’m in a place where healing is easier and I have good doctors; I’m also lucky to have the support of friends, readers and listeners who know that healing isn’t instantaneous. I’m trying to listen and simultaneously prioritize my health and the newly gifted ability to work without distraction.

A whole bunch of folks have asked how they can help me recover and settle into my new space and so…..HUZZAH!

Support Wish List!

#JoeBlackCat has some fans who wanted to do nice things just for her; other folks reached out to offer health-related help; still others wanted to help with office/platform-building items like sound-proofing materials.

People have already been super amazing!

Full Wish List Collage

But moving is expensive, especially when you’re doing it under duress and needed the help of a lawyer as you were trying to make it happen. (No kidding.) For anyone who doesn’t have Amazon Prime, finds paying for shipping to be a nuisance, is simply in a hurry or doesn’t see something on the list, literally all manner gift cards also work — I just couldn’t put them on the list because of how they work. Thanks to some of the awesome deals on Amazon Fresh and my new primary care doctor’s emphasis on my eating constantly to repair the damage (we suspect it’s going to take a good 6-12 months), basic Amazon cards are definitely welcome.

The list does have some teases on it for projects with announcements coming in the next few weeks.

ferris wink

While one of those announcements is a paid gig, the other one isn’t and I’m still in the building process to make this writing/media/advocacy thing sustainable. For the foreseeable future, I’ll still be utilizing a monthly artist-supporting site to reach a livable wage and then to grow my platform:

PATREON – Katie_Speak

It’s a great way to support all the unpaid and underpaid work/media I do from one place, automatically and they’ll accept literally any dollar amount!

For those of you who shop at Amazon already, you can also support what I do without tossing in anything extra by using the “Support Best of the Left” link to redirect ~ 7% of the corporate profits to my biggest client, The Best of the Left Podcast. If you bookmark it for every time you shop, you won’t even notice a difference; it’ll take you right to your account like magic.

So what have I been up to since I put up the last post? Aside from moving, I…

…moderated a badass panel at Netroots Nation on how to use people’s personal narratives ethically:

Netroots Panel Pic

“Do Details Matter? Why and How We Sanitize Our Stories” was one of the most interesting discussions I’ve been a part of; I still have to transcribe the recording and plan to do more on the topic with these amazing speakers who’s work you should definitely follow:

Catherine Alonzo — @calonzoAZ
H Kapp-Klote — @pizza4justice
Gloria Malone — @GloriaMalone
Wagatwe Wanjuki — @wagatwe

…I managed to make poverty trend on Twitter. During the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals. On a Friday. On multiple continents. I snapped over threatened cuts to SNAP and the bullshit of being one of the millions of poor people regularly taken advantage of by friends and family who know they are without options. And when I snap, I take to Twitter.

Tom and jerry head mad

After #PovertyIs trended on Twitter, I made the rounds talking about a few of the ways poverty has affected my life in an effort to dispel myths (I don’t “look like a poor person”) and own the reality of my adulthood. I’ve been food insecure the majority of the past 15 years and I’m no longer afraid of the professional and personal blowback that happens when discussing the thing that most makes Americans uncomfortable.

I have 49 million people — 14% of the population — with me in struggling with hunger; I’m not ashamed to be among them because it isn’t a personal failing when that percentage never drops below 11%. This is simply the number of people we’ve decided is acceptable for our capitalist system that allows a few to prosper and the majority to be “pretty ok” most of the time.

If you missed them, here’s the round-up of those articles so far:

“Pathologizing the Poor Reinforces Stigma While Deterring Advocacy and Public Policy” at Truthout

“49 Million Americans Live With This — So Why Are We So Uncomfortable Talking About It?” #PovertyIs at .Mic

“Recent SNAP Restrictions Are Another Reminder That Poverty Is a Reproductive Issue” at RH Reality Check

“Republicans Are Trying to Take Food Out of My Mouth” at Rolling Stone

…put out a few reproductive healthcare articles, including one at Rolling Stone I’m particularly proud of because having a byline on an article in a mainstream, non-repro-only outlet that calls anti-abortion extremists “domestic terrorists” will make my day for quite a while:

“Widespread Public Support Bolsters Bill to End Restrictions on Abortion Coverage” at Truthout

“Planned Parenthood Under Attack by Anti-Abortion Hackers, Politicians” at Rolling Stone

…and I’ve been working on my personal essay portfolio with pieces on being polyamorous and sex positive. I’m looking forward to doing more of these this Fall at the thing I can’t announce yet. (I know; I’m awful. I’m just REALLY excited!)

“True Story: Why I’m Almost Childfree By Choice” at The Frisky

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Have the Orgasms I Deserve” at .Mic

I’m also working on broadening my skill set and duties at Best of the Left while Jay! figures out how he next wants to expand the show. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be doing more there as well!

So that’s where I’ve been.

i take nap here kid

It’s also why I have a backlog of audio clips to put out on my podcast feed (Katie Speak Live Archives and here on the blog. Those should be rolling out every 2-3 days for the next couple weeks leading up to a REALLY EXCITING AUDIO THING I’m not announcing yet, but if you listen to one of my regular spots you may have already guessed. So get subscribed FOR FREE on iTunes now, you know, before, yeah.

emoticon slow grin

Thanks for hanging around during the transition; excited to have you with me for the next phase!

— Katie

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