Talk Poverty — Reproductive Justice IS Economic Justice (07/02/15)

In brief: I had the pleasure of being on the new Talk Poverty show on We Act Radio to discuss the need for economic justice to underly all our movements, including reproductive justice.

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Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: Talk Poverty 07/02/15 — Reproductive Justice IS Economic Justice


I was really excited to get this request. is a new project of the Center For American Progress and so many of their projects are doing outstanding work. From their “About Us” page:—a project of the Center for American Progress—is dedicated to demonstrating that we know how to dramatically reduce poverty. Here you will find basic data about poverty in America; hear from people living in poverty and people dedicated to the fight against poverty; and get involved with local, state and national organizations to take action. is a bridge between local and national voices, grassroots activism and policy work, and those who are struggling and those who are more economically secure. At, discover a vibrant antipoverty community and your place in it.

We discussed my upcoming (and now published) piece for RH Reality Check on the way I’ve recentered my abortion story following a realization that I’ve lived my entire adult life at or near the poverty line. Obviously, that isn’t news to me; I was there when I as grocery shopping at the Dollar Store and spending 80+ hours a week working since I was 22, but I had always told my abortion story with the intention of calling out our health “care” system which allowed my insurance provider to refuse coverage of my birth control.

Blog Extras:

Honestly, you should listen to the entire show and subscribe. The content this team is putting together is just outstanding. Here’s the full episode in easy stream format since you’re already here:

Easy download/stream:

Links to on-air references:

My RH Reality Check piece previewed in the clip: “Recent SNAP Restrictions Are Another Reminder That Poverty Is a Reproductive Issue”

My Truthout piece on the Texas clinics staying open including what the status quo means for too many residents of the state: “SCOTUS Steps in to Prevent Further Texas Abortion Clinic Closures”

“Fifth Circuit Upholds More HB 2 Provisions, Dares the Supreme Court to Step In” by Jessica Pieklo at RH Reality Check

My piece the host had me excerpt: ”Choice”

“How are women’s lives affected?”The National Network of Abortion Funds explains how poverty affects abortion access

“What is the Hyde Amendment?” via The National Network of Abortion Funds

SIGN: Demand Justice: #RepealHyde! via The National Network of Abortion Funds

“Netroots Radio — #FightBackTX & #UndueBurden (06/17/15)”

Read/Listen: “The Uncertainty of Access: Reproductive Health in the Rio Grande Valley”

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