Netroots Radio — #FightBackTX & #UndueBurden (06/17/15)

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In a departure from our recent stretch of optimism, Justice and I talked about the Fifth Circuit decision that will likely close all but 8-10 reproductive healthcare clinics in Texas. I broke down how this could affect the rest of the country and Justice brought up the important point that these closures eliminate more than abortion access from communities.

We also did a call to action for people to support the abortion funds on the ground in Texas before shifting to a brief mocking of Governor Rick Scott (FL) who wants his state to become the 14th requiring patients make two separate trips to a clinic before being allowed to terminate a pregnancy.

UPDATE: June 19th, the Fifth Circuit refused to stay their decision; The Center For Reproductive Rights is appealing to the Supreme Court to stay the ruling before the clinics close on July 1.

Blog Extras:

HB2 update via Center for Reproductive Rights:

“Center for Reproductive Rights to ask Supreme Court to block ruling before it takes effect on July 1”
06.19.15 – (PRESS RELEASE) Following an emergency request from Texas women’s health care providers, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit today refused to suspend its June 9 ruling—a decision which could force the closure of all but nine abortion clinics in the state on July 1.
The women’s health care providers—represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights—will now submit an emergency application to the U.S. Supreme Court later this evening requesting the justices stay the appellate court’s June 9 ruling and ensure the Texas clinics can remain open while the providers ask the nation’s highest court to review the case (filing will be sent to press once available).
While today’s order modified the June 9 ruling as it applies to the last clinic in the Rio Grande Valley, the injunction is still so narrow that it may be of limited benefit to the women served by the clinic.

Seriously, see this movie. It’s free on Amazon Prime right now:

Links to on-air references:

SUPPORT: Fund Texas Choice, the travel and logistical abortion fund charged with helping people get to clinics.

“Fifth Circuit Upholds More HB 2 Provisions, Dares the Supreme Court to Step In” by Jessica Pieklo at RH Reality Check

“Court Upholds Texas’ ‘Devastating’ Anti-Choice Omnibus Law” by Andrea Grimes at RH Reality Check

“GOPers Don’t Want to Jail Women for Abortions—Except When They Do”

“Plaintiffs appeal to 5th Circuit Court, Supreme Court following ruling on HB 2” at The Daily Texan

“North Carolina’s Coercive Ultrasound Law Permanently Blocked as Supreme Court Refuses Review” via The Center For Reproductive Rights

UPDATE on #HB2: “Fifth Circuit Refuses to Stay Ruling That Could Immediately Shutter All But 9 Abortion Clinics in Texas” via The Center For Reproductive Rights

“Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs bill requiring women to visit clinics twice before having an abortion” via Raw Story

“Montana Abortion Provider Severely Vandalized, Is Closed Indefinitely” by Teddy Wilson at RH Reality Check

See “Obvious Child”

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