Hal Sparks Radio Prgm — The GOP: Rule Makers, Rule Breakers (05/30/15)

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Enhanced audio: HSRP 05/30/15 — The GOP: Rule Makers, Rule Breakers


To be fair, the GOP never has asserted that they’re much into abiding by the rules they impose on other people. Or, really, even the basic rules we’ve all agreed to live by.

This week Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) was indicted on charges that start with what amounts to tax evasion and are beginning to look like he was paying hush money to cover up sexual misconduct with a former student — a high school student. Hal and I did some extrapolation on this and how a culture that requires all sexual expression to be closeted leads to people seeking out power dynamics. What’s the best way to ensure no one knows about a sexual relationship of any kind? Have coercive power over the other person or persons.

And speaking of power, Scott Walker has thoughts on mandatory, unnecessary ultrasounds (yes, these bills would require them to be vaginal due to how far along the pregnancy would be): they’re “just a cool thing” for women. Oh. I have thoughts of my own on this as well as Hillary’s hair color quip making national news.

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If you can stomach it, here’s the Scott Walker comment in his own voice thanks to Right Wing Watch:

Links to on-air references:

“Why Dennis Hastert got indicted by the feds” at The Washington Post

“Hastert’s hush money was to cover up sexual misconduct with former student, sources say” at CNN.com

”Hillary Promises Her Hair Won’t ‘Turn White in the White House’” via MEDIAite

“Scott Walker: Mandatory Ultrasounds Are ‘Just A Cool Thing’ For Women” via Talking Points Memo Livewire

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