Netroots Radio — #ExposeCPCs: Proactive Legislative Pushback — 05/20/15

In brief: My regular spot with Justice!

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Enhanced audio: Netroots AfterShow 05/20/15 — #ExposeCPCs: Proactive Legislative Pushback


Today I brought good news! There’s a pro-active legislative push to regulate religiously founded/backed crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) — or fake reproductive health clinics. The bill getting a vote in the California assembly FRIDAY, the Reproductive FACT Act (AB 775) has a great chance of passing. Justice and I talk about why they’re important — beyond just that CPCs outnumber real health clinics two to one in this country.

We also covered the new Planned Parenthood (PPPSW) clinic in El Centro, CA and the outsider protests which included all-star anti-choicers Michelle Bachmann. Justice lead into my love of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice with a distinction about how faith/religion play into abortion opposition and “street theater” — his phrase for the clinic and city council picketers. If you don’t know the RCRC, get to know them.

And I couldn’t sign off without thanking Breitbart for my first ever mention because the headline was OUTSTANDING: “Planned Parenthood’s Abortion ’Storytelling’ Tactic Borrowed From Militant LGBT Activists.” Hell yes it is — probably because there are queer people in the reproductive justice movement, ya ignorant jerks. I gave a shout out to GetEQUAL, the baddest LGBTQ group in the country and valued personal friends. Which, I guess, means Breitbart got one part of the story right: I’m friends with the “militant gays.”

Links to on-air references:

My Truthout piece on the legislation we discussed: “Activists and Faith Leaders Push Back on Fake Reproductive Health Clinics”

Brietbart’s appreciation of my piece thanks to a RT from Cecile Richards (CAPS emphasis theirs): “PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S ABORTION ‘STORYTELLING’ TACTIC BORROWED FROM MILITANT LGBT ACTIVISTS” via DoNotLink

“Anti-Choice Groups Try ‘Texas Playbook’ in Attempt to Block Health Care Access in California” by Jessica Pieklo at RH Reality Check

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  1. I find your writting very interesting and educative and i pray that God will continue empowering you with your writtings.I am also a human right activist.welldone!

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