Netroots Radio — GOP’s #20WeekBan “Fix” Punishes Rape/Incest Victims — 05/13/15

In brief: My regular spot with Justice! We took the time to hammer patron saint of reasonable republicans Scott Walker on his extremist reproductive rights history and then previewed the GOP’s “fix” for their 20-week abortion ban from the first day of the session. Spoiler alert: it’s even more awful now. UPDATE: It passed the house.

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Enhanced audio: Netroots AfterShow 05/13/15 — GOP’s #20WeekBan “Fix” Punishes Rape/Incest Victims


Justice and I spent some time on Rep. Scott Walker’s record on conscience clauses because seeking to allow doctors to lie to patients to prevent abortions is an aspect of his legislative record that gets glossed over or ignored completely. Walker is seen as “reasonable” and a “middle of the road” guy focused on budget and labor. But his platform still includes draconian rights restrictions; they need to be well-known before the primaries aanoint him the VP.

Then we transitioned to today’s vote in Congress. It’s a “fixed” bill banning abortion federally after 20-weeks. Justice and I talked about the original “pain capable” bill, introduced the first day of the legislative session this years: “Netroots Radio After Show — #SOTU on ReproRights and #Roe Turns 42 — (01/21/15)”. The GOP women flipped out that there was no rape exception and this is the update — which still dishes out significant punishment for rape victims and ADDS punishment for incest victims with new “limits on incest-related abortion.”

I broke down the false “science,” we talked about the faux-religious motivation, and outlined the real financial and control motivations. Americans United For Life, it turns out, is essentially funded by the Koch brothers — in case you thought there was a distinction between “economic” and “social” conservatives.

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A little context from RH Reality Check editor-in-chief, Jodi Jacobson:

Links to on-air references:

“Scott Walker: Doctors Should Lie To Pregnant Women To Prevent Abortions” at ThinkProgress

“Late-term abortion ban keeps controversial incest rule” by Sarah Ferris at The Hill

“House Republicans Think They’ve Fixed Their 20-Week Abortion Ban” by Tara Culp-Ressler at ThinkProgress

“Anatomy of the War on Women: How the Koch Brothers Are Funding the Anti-Choice Agenda” by Adele Stan at RH Reality Check

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