Netroots Radio — White Feminism™, #PurviPatel, & #SNAP Stigma — 04/29/15

In brief: My regular spot with Justice made the rounds from explaining why white feminists need to call out transphobia and racism, to updating the Purvi Patel case, to me yelling at racists/poverty shaming jerks on Twitter re: SNAP benefits being sold for manicures!

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Enhanced audio: Netroots AfterShow 04/29/15 — White Feminism™, #PurviPatel, & #SNAP Stigma


I did some insider baseball feminist stuff and explained why it’s important for White Feminism™ to join call-out culture and start policing “our own” for racist, transphobic, and other harmful writing. Meghan Murphy is hardly the only one with a history of this, but her blatant bigotry ought to be something we can all agree to discredit. Yet, it’s largely not happening. This feeds the stigma and bigotry that fuels violence against marginalized groups and it has to stop.

As usual, Justice had a great historical perspective as a white liberal who was born, raised, and lived a while in the Bay area. I always appreciate his willingness to weigh in while acknowledging his privilege and unique perspective as someone who was raised in such an inclusive area.

Purvi Patel is appealing her contradictory convictions of feticide and felony neglect of a dependent. We talked about the widespread criminalization of pregnancy outcomes in this country and how abortion/sexual stigma make it dangerous for some to find care and help when they need it.

And Justice let me yell at the idiots in my timeline who think the Baltimore kids going hungry yesterday when school was unnecessarily cancelled should starve as well as the people who think I could sell my EBT (SNAP) benefits for a manicure if I wanted to. That’s not how it works, folks.

Links to on-air references:

My piece for The Frisky: “The Soapbox: On Laverne Cox’s Nude Photo Spread & Meghan Murphy’s Transphobia”

“Purvi Patel Sentenced to 41 Years for Feticide and Neglect of a Dependent” by Imani Gandy at RH Reality Check

“Purvi Patel Appeals Feticide, Felony Neglect Conviction” by Jessica Mason Pieklo at RH Reality Check

“Professor representing Patel on appeal: Case ‘cries out for reversal’” via WSBT22 News, South Bend, IN

My Best of the Left Podcast activism segment: Click to SIGN and share in support of Purvi Patel — #FreePurviPatel via @rhrealitycheck

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