Oh hey! I’m at Upworthy talking #abortion stigma!

In brief: Upworthy, yo!

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Upworthy is doing some awesome work expanding to social and political issues with real information and interviews delivered is supremely shareable format. We all have days we can’t do a long read and there are plenty of folks too busy or distracted or focused on the business of life to stay up to date with investigative pieces.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the awesome Upworthy writer Parker Molloy this week! The piece was prompted by the opening of Carafem – an abortion provider in D.C. that doesn’t couch what they do. Well, they couch it in the form of their spa-like atmosphere.

I’m all for anything that reduces the apology atmosphere around abortion, so I was excited when Parker asked for my thoughts on reducing abortion stigma. The Clinic Vest Project even gets a nod. So, check it out and share it widely!

“Can spa-like surroundings help reduce the stigma surrounding abortion?”

Note: If you haven’t yet, please check out my new ”#GetWell2015 series! I’m detailing all the uncomfortable messiness of what it takes to get well in this country. I’m personally navigating insurance (still a thing despite ACA), talking mental health and poverty stigma, and discussing the obstacles to care.

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