The Pro-Life Movement: Reframing “Life” to Suit Their Agenda

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The annual national harassment season known as 40 Days For Life wraps up this weekend. As I type, there’s a prayer vigil going on at Speaker Boehner’s office because “pro-life” folks are angry that the 20-week abortion ban was dropped from the agenda temporarily during the opening days of the legislative session. That (I’m assuming) peaceful demonstration is in start contrast to the reality providers and patients live with every day in this country.

My latest piece for Truthout goes into the story of a Sacramento clinic to illustrate what the Feminist Majority Foundation’s latest clinic survey discovered: there is a significant spike in direct targeting over the past four years. It turns out “life” is negotiable to the “pro-life” movement.

READ: “The Pro-Life Movement: Reframing “Life” to Suit Their Agenda”


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