Matthew Filipowicz Show — #40DaysForLife Highlights Spike in Abortion Clinic Harassment — (03/19/15)

In brief: Back on with my friend Matthew Filipowicz to talk my latest Truthout piece on the annual anti-choice harassment campaign and the Feminist Majority Foundation’s new report on provider targeting!

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Enhanced audio: MFS 03/19/15 — #40DaysForLife Highlights Spike in Abortion Clinic Harassment


Always good to be on the Matthew Filipowicz Show! We covered a pretty heavy topic today without much of our signature ability to laugh and joke about the horrific. The FMF’s new clinic survey shows that targeting of abortion providers has spiked to levels that should be alarming everyone — but almost zero media is covering. Apparently we’re just supposed to risk our lives to provide or access basic healthcare in this country.

We talked about the numbers, the situation at the Sacramento clinic I describe in my Truthout piece, what providers go through and feel just attempting to do their jobs, and how we can make their work safer. The long-game answer is to reduce stigma around abortion care and build more clinics so that harassment is harder and less welcomed and tolerated by communities. That will require media calling it what it is: terrorism.

Links to on-air references:

My Truthout article: “The Pro-Life Movement: Reframing ‘Life’ to Suit Their Agenda”

“Anti-Abortion Terrorism: Ten ways that laws and law enforcement should protect clinic workers.” by David Cohen and Krysten Connon

Info on last year’s 40 Days campaign by the ProLife Action League which included a poster with my face and a round-up of my interviews including the one with Matt: “I am just awful at shutting up….”

My spot with Brad Friedman on last year’s 40 Days post with my face/name/info: BradCast — “PLAL Targeting and Response” (04/02/14)

Watch After Tiller — it’s available on Netflix.

Blog Extras:

The After Tiller trailer:

Conversation with Dr. Robinson of After Tiller on GRITtv:

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