Popaganda — “Law & Order Lessons” — Bitch Media Podcast (02/27/15)

In brief: My Law& Order lesson for the Spring issue of Bitch Magazine is part of the Popaganda podcast!

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Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: Popaganda 02/27/15 — “Law & Order Lessons” — Bitch Media Podcast


I was super excited to get to contribute a blurb to the Spring issue of Bitch Magazine — my first foray back into print in over a decade. It seems my endless hours of Law & Order viewing has paid off! I love writing in general and online media is wonderful; there is something about being in print, however, that just feels solid and affirming.

You should definitely be listening to this entire hour (two 30-min shows) of content every month as Sarah Mirk (my wonderful editor for nearly everything at Bitch) is stupendous, but if you want to skip ahead to the Law & Order lessons segment of this episode, jump to 15:30.

Links to on-air references:

Get the current issue of Bitch Magazine featuring my Law & Order lesson online HERE and find out which stores in your area carry the print magazine HERE.

Get the show notes and soundcloud version (and subscribe!) of Propaganda at: “Popaganda Episode: Law & Order”

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