KPFK Spot With Kris Welch — Reproductive Justice Meets The 114th Congress — (01/24/15)

In brief: It was my pleasure being part of this conversation with host Kris Welch and reproductive justice badass Heidi Williamson from the Center For American Progress!

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Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: KPFK 01/24/15 — Reproductive Justice Meets The 114th Congress


It was such a pleasure to be on air with a reproductive justice badass like Heidi Williamson! Host Kris Welch had some great thoughts, having been involved in repro rights since before Roe and did a fantastic job facilitating a conversation with three intersecting, but unique perspectives.

Links to on-air references:

“Roe Should Be a Reality for All, Not Just for a Wealthy Few” by Heidi Williamson

My #Roe42 pieces:

for Truthout“New Year, Same as the Old Year? 2015 Reproductive Rights Preview”

for Bitch Media“In Reality, Not All Americans Have Access to Safe, Legal Abortion”

and for RH Reality Check“Your Right to Abortion Care Is in Danger—No Matter Where You Live”

More on Hyde and how to join the fight on coverage bans via The National Network of Abortion Funds: Learn About Hyde

Note:: If you haven’t yet, please check out my new ”#GetWell2015 series! I’m detailing all the uncomfortable messiness of what it takes to get well in this country. I’m personally navigating insurance (still a thing despite ACA), talking mental health and poverty stigma, and discussing the obstacles to care.

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