Hal Sparks Radio Pgm — #Roe42 vs Brady’s Balls #RIPSatire (01/12415)

In brief: My regular spot with Hal Sparks on WCPT Radio, Chicago!

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Enhanced audio: HSRP 01/24/15 — #Roe42 vs Brady’s Balls #RIPSatire


I love doing radio with Hal for lots of reasons, but especially when he turns a phrase that’s so simple and on point and new as he did in his intro to our segment on the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade: “Roe revealed that legality.” Rather than Roe making abortion legal, as most of us explain it, Hal emphasizes that the courts were merely affirming an existing legality granted by the Constitution. Expect to hear me use this wording in the future.

I got wonky in my description of the Hyde Amendment — the appropriations amendment to the budget prohibiting those insured by Medicaid from accessing abortion care — and turned it into my typical sunshiney call to action. YOU — Yes, You — You, there, in the blue state! You have a chance to prove your liberal/progressive descriptor and do something for ALL THE PEOPLE, including those in red states who’s representatives act against their interests. Hyde gets re-proposed and signed EVERY YEAR, which means right now — LIKE RIGHT NOW — you can tweet, write and call your presumably (at least “check the box” level) pro-choice reps and tell them not to support a budget with Hyde attached. ContactingTheCongress.org will tell you who your reps are if you don’t know and you can tweet right at them — and attach @WhiteHouse while you’re at it.

Clearly the president and his administration are movable on choice; they swapped language in less than 48 hours between the State of the Union (stigmatizing) and Roe 42 (supportive and firm). Let him know you expect him to wield his veto pen to help marginalized, low-income Americans.

Oh. The graphic. On the 42nd anniversary of Roe, the head of NARAL got preempted from discussing the anti-choice measure that passed the House by Tom Brady’s balls. Not even kidding. Dennis (our producer) played me out with Brady quotes to mark the end of satire. #RIPSatire

Blog Extras:

My friend Dave Zirin wrote about the balls — before Roe, obviously, because he has class and empathy and is a badass prochoice champion in his own right — for anyone who wants the whole story about the end of satire.

Also, heres the White House’s tweet opposing H.R.7 and supporting #7in10forRoe — which represents the more than 70% of Americans who would keep Roe as law of the land:

…and an easier to see version of the press release pic:

White House RoeAt42

And I’m taking some comfort in this tweet I posted a few hours ago making some serious rounds. The culture is changing, stigma is lessening, and that is thanks to people sharing their lived experiences. I’m so glad to be part of that movement.

Links to on-air references:

My #Roe42 pieces:

for Truthout“New Year, Same as the Old Year? 2015 Reproductive Rights Preview”

for Bitch Media“In Reality, Not All Americans Have Access to Safe, Legal Abortion”

and for RH Reality Check“Your Right to Abortion Care Is in Danger—No Matter Where You Live”

More on Hyde and how to join the fight on coverage bans via The National Network of Abortion Funds: Learn About Hyde

Note:: If you haven’t yet, please check out my new ”#GetWell2015 series! I’m detailing all the uncomfortable messiness of what it takes to get well in this country. I’m personally navigating insurance (still a thing despite ACA), talking mental health and poverty stigma, and discussing the obstacles to care.

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