Flackback! (….mostly) Guest spots w/Hal on Stephanie Miller (March/June 2013)

In brief: Catching up on old clips — Stephanie Miller Show edition:

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I realized I had some clips hanging around from before I started the Katie Speak Live and podcast feeds, so I’m cleaning house! It turns out, though, that these may be from a year and a half ago, but they’re more than just relevant. According to Molly Redden at Mother Jones“The War on Reproductive Rights Will Get a Lot Uglier Next Year” — and pretty much every body else (myself included), 2015 is gonna be an anti-choice legislation bonanza. Which means Hal and I might as well have been talking about this yesterday.

Please make allowances for how early this is in my media career; I’m sure there is an ableist and/or trans-exclusionary comment or phrase in here somewhere. I was and am learning. Thanks for the benefit of the doubt as I’ve evolved as fast as I can, identifying and breaking down my privilege as best I can. That my friends, followers, readers and listeners have been so kind and patient — as well as informative and honest — has allowed me to become a better reproductive justice advocate and ally.

And with that note, please enjoy the flashbacks to two of my spots on The Stephanie Miller Show with my friend Hal Sparks filling in as host!

March 29, 2013 – Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: SMS 03/19/13 — Plausible Patriarchy

June 25, 2013 – Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: SMS 06/25/13 — Plausible Patriarchy

Files posted originally at the Stephanie Miller Soundcloud page. You can hear the Stephanie Miller Show daily from 9am-noon EST via FreeSpeech TV.

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