HuffPostLive Panels: #IStandWithJackie (12/10/14) and The Criminalization of Pregnancy (11/25/14)

In brief: my latest HuffPoLive panels!

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First Panel — The Criminalization of Pregnancy (11/25/14):

Nancy Redd was kind enough to include me in a roundtable discussing the disgraceful way pregnant people are treated in this country. Laws supposedly penned “for the health of” the mother as well as the embryo/fetus aren’t just a problem for people in need of abortion care. Anyone with a uterus has only pseudo citizenship when their bodily autonomy isn’t acknowledged and respected.

We talked mainly about pieces from Lynn Paltrow’s — “Pregnant, and No Civil Rights” — and Ada Calhoun — “The Criminalization of Bad Mothers” — both at the New York Times

I recommend reading them both as well as Jessica Mason Pieklo’s piece at RH Reality Check: “Pregnant Wisconsin Woman Jailed Under State’s ‘Personhood’-Like Law” If pregnancy care isn’t already part of your reproductive justice repertoire, now is a good time for an expansion!

CLICK to watch: The Criminalization of Pregnancy

and follow the awesome people on panel with me: Ada Calhoun, Journalist and Alicia Patterson Albright Fellow and Lynn Paltrow, Executive Director, National Advocates For Pregnant Women (NAPW).

Second Panel — Is There A ‘Right’ Way To Report On Rape? (12/10/14):

Host Ricky Camilleri had me back on, this time to talk about Rolling Stone and actual ethics in journalism. I enjoyed this panel so much, in part because of Camilleri’s good prep and questions, but also because I’d never been introduced to Helen Benedict’s work. I liked her very much and think you will too. Even if you’ve been reading and watching and listening, there is important content in this discussion for anyone interested in improving our culture.

CLICK to watch: Is There A ‘Right’ Way To Report On Rape?

and follow the awesome people on panel with me: Wagatwe Wanjuki, Writer & Activist; Helen Benedict, Author of “Virgin or Vamp: How the Press Covers Sex Crimes”; and EJ Dickson Reporter, The Daily Dot.

I’m looking forward to reading Helen Benedict’s book after appearing with her on the panel. It was written twenty years ago, but couldn’t be more relevant if it was written yesterday. I also recommend the pieces by Wagatwe — “Why I Don’t Want To Hear Both Sides Of Rape Cases”, myself — “How Rolling Stone Gave A Gift To Rape Apologists” and the one I referenced from my friend Ali Safran“Victims’ Memories Are Imperfect, But Still Perfectly Believable”.

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