Hal Sparks Radio Pgm — #IStandWithJackie — (12/06/14)

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Enhanced audio: HSRP 12/06/14 — #IStandWithJackie


Today’s segment comes with a Trigger Warning for rape, sexual assault, victim blaming, explicit descriptions of abuse, etc. Please take care when listening and sharing.

I told part of my story of abuse and repeated rape (a story that will publish this week to include additional coverage of the fall-out) and explained while RS’s use of the word “discrepancy” was basically calling “Jackie” (the victim) a liar because they couldn’t own up to their own journalistic failings.

We did a quick inclusion of Bill Cosby’s allegations and I read part of my friend Ali Safran’s story at Buzzfeed about why we should believe survivors even if they can’t tell their story EXACTLY the same hundreds of times.

UPDATE: RollingStone quietly edited and reissued their “apology” to a more appropriate blaming of their staff late on Saturday. With the damage very much done and the publisher of a right-wing extremist site having already outed the UVA victim by name.

If you experience gendered threats of violence on Twitter — where support is NOTORIOUS for not caring, please use the Women, Action, Media’s new reporting tool. They’re working with Twitter to document the systematic harassment and hopefully change policy: WAM Twitter Harassment Reporting Tool

Blog Extras:

Here is the part of my friend Ali’s story that I read on air:

I also pressed charges, and though the police and prosecutor told me it could take up to two years for my case to go to trial, I felt empowered and wanted to move forward in hopes my assailant would be punished. But with nearly nine months of pretrial hearings during my first year of college, I struggled immensely. Like many other victims of sexual assault, I had developed post-traumatic stress disorder, which impacted my ability to sleep and function, as well as my memory of the assault. Ten days before the case was set to go to trial, the prosecutor sat me in a room with a detective and my state-assigned victim advocate, where they interrogated me, telling me that I was wrong: wrong about what I remembered I was wearing, wrong about through which door my perpetrator had left my car. I must be lying. They begged me to recant my story, telling me, “We’re dropping this case. Just tell us you’re making it up.”

I left devastated: Instead of being treated as a victim, I was treated as a lying criminal, and my assailant went unpunished. No officer ever interrogated my assailant, the actual criminal, about what he’d done. Instead they chose to interrogate me.

Links to on-air references:

“A Note to Our Readers” — the awful rape apology from RollingStone

Survivors respond to RollingStone, UVA and #IStandWithJackie at Buzzfeed Ideas

“Victims’ Memories Are Imperfect, But Still Perfectly Believable — ‘Just tell us you’re making it up.’” by Ali Safran who’s organization Surviving in Numbers is one you should follow and support

“Why I Don’t Want To Hear Both Sides Of Rape Cases: A sexual assault survivor argues that assailants’ and victims’ accounts should not be given the same amount of weight.”

WAM Twitter Harassment Reporting Tool

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