The Uncertainty of Access: Reproductive Health in the Rio Grande Valley

In brief: easy-stream audio for my latest at Truthout!

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My new piece at Truthout is long. Super extra long. When you hear the words of the activists from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas you’ll know why I just couldn’t cut any of what they had to say. The famously awful, omnibus anti-choice law HB2 is hitting the Valley the hardest — and the reproductive justice community there is doing inspiring, tireless work without showing signs of letting up or admitting defeat. Quite the opposite, actually.

This is the audio companion to my, well, my love letter to the people who inspire me every day. When I can’t get up, don’t know how I’m going to keep working, or feel overwhelmed, I look to the people in this piece. They’re heroes, all of them, and they’re fighting for you.

READ: “The Uncertainty of Access: Reproductive Health in the Rio Grande Valley”


Easy download/stream:

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