Netroots Radio: The After Show — #HB2: The Saga Continues & 2016 Prediction (10/15/14)

In brief: Back on with Justice to talk Texas, what’s next, RGV activist awesomeness and why you should care about HB2 no matter where you live! Oh, and VOTE.

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Enhanced audio: Netroots Radio After Show 10/15/14 — #HB2: The Saga Continues & 2016 Prediction


Always happy to be on with Justice! We did the algebra of HB2, shared mutual admiration for the amazing work being done by Texas activists — including those who assist with transportation to clinics (Fund Texas Choice) and those working to end stigma. They’re an inspiring level of inexhaustible and undaunted by the scope of the work to be done.

I referenced Katha Pollitt’s new book “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights” which discusses, in part, that our healthcare has been unnecessarily manhandled by the patriarchy. Women used to hand down knowledge to each other and share within the community; only recently is someone eternally up in your business as a barrier to things like birth control and managing miscarriages.

I recommended Jessica Mason Pieklo’s piece at RH Reality Check on which cases to watch this Supreme Court season. Read and become smarter: “Six Supreme Court Cases Equality Advocates Should Watch This Term”

Justice, of course, did his call for voter turn-out next month. We’re both fans of voting with friends and neighbors — TAKE PEOPLE WITH YOU to make sure they can get there, don’t forget and y’all aren’t bored waiting in possible lines. The same day we got the good news about HB2, we got the bad news about the Texas voter ID law. These are not unrelated; there is a systemic, long-term plan for control being executed here. As my friend Lee Camp says, “Evil people have plans.” We’re basically being beaten by office supplies. So vote next month, even if it’s just to stick to the jerk bags.

Blog Extras:

It’s listed below, but in case your eyes gloss over at lists, DON’T MISS Andrea Grimes GIFsplaining the HB2 saga. It’s informative in a spectacularly shiny and hilarious way: “Texas’ HB 2’s Journey From the Capitol to SCOTUS with graphics like this one:

Tough Olsen Twins

….and this one:

Come At Me Bro Owl

Also, watch Lee’s video. You’re welcome. (Then watch his new show linked in the on-air references. Again, you’re welcome.)

Links to on-air references:

My Goodreads review of “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights” by Katha Pollitt: “Read. This. Book.

The complete archive of reporting on #HB2 from Andrea Grimes at RH Reality Check

Andrea Grimes GIFsplains #HB2: “Texas’ HB 2’s Journey From the Capitol to SCOTUS for The Angry Black Lady Chronicles at RH Reality Check

Texas abortion funds TOTALLY still need you. Get a round up list at: Texans For Reproductive Justice

Here’s the transportation fund: Fund Texas Choice

“5th Circuit Puts TX GOP’s ‘Discriminatory’ and ‘Unconstitutional’ Photo ID Law Back in Effect: Appellate judges do not challenge lower court findings, but worry about ‘confusion’, SCOTUS precedent on late voting law changes… via The Brad Blog

“Six Supreme Court Cases Equality Advocates Should Watch This Term” by Jessica Mason Pieklo

Paul Weyrich explaining to the GOP: ”I don’t want everybody to vote….” via Media Matters For America

Watch ”Evil People Have Plans by Lee Camp and check out his new show Redacted Tonight.

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