KOOP 91.7 FM Austin: Issues For Your Tissues — “HB2 Update & As Texas, So Goes The Nation” (10/14/14)

In brief: My regular spot with Katie Vitale! We hate on the Fifth Circuit and swing the hypocrisy hammer at the GOP’s “family values.”

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Enhanced audio: KOOP 91.7 FM: IYFT 10/14/14 — HB2 Update & GOP Family Values”


It is always a pleasure to be on with Katie Vitale to talk Texas and how what’s happening in my favorite state affects the entire country! We chatted the Fifth Circuit decision that closed the most recent 13 clinics (this was a few hours before SCOTUS stepped in, allowing the clinics to reopen pending a December hearing at the Appeals Court) and the badass activism happening in the Rio Grande Valley.

We also brought down the hypocrisy hammer on Greg Abbott and the broader GOP who claim they impose restrictions on access to reproductive health, cut funding to vital services and pass voter suppression laws because they have “family values.” Sure. We’ll believe that when they stop invading our bedrooms, pass paid family leave and increase education and childcare funding.

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My Goodreads review of “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights” by Katha Pollitt:
Pro: Reclaiming Abortion RightsPro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Pollitt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read this book. The unapologetic reframing of issues around abortion and reproductive healthcare had me cheering from almost the first page through the last like I was watching a sporting event. I hope the author will forgive me from marking it up in dramatic fashion.
Whether you’re new to reproductive rights or just getting involved or are simply tired of uterus-having humans dominating your elected officials’ to-do lists and want them to move on to something more productive, this book is for you. Get some history, get some snarky responses to common anti-choice talking points and finish feeling inspired and invigorated.

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Links to on-air references:

My Goodreads review of “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights” by Katha Pollitt: “Read. This. Book.

The complete archive of reporting on #HB2 from Andrea Grimes at RH Reality Check

“5th Circuit Puts TX GOP’s ‘Discriminatory’ and ‘Unconstitutional’ Photo ID Law Back in Effect: Appellate judges do not challenge lower court findings, but worry about ‘confusion’, SCOTUS precedent on late voting law changes… via The Brad Blog

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