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In brief: news and updates!

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I moved! No, this is not a repost. I have a new home base: sunny San Diego. If you’ll indulge me, this is a super personal post.

I have the opportunity to help raise my nieces while continuing to write and say yes to activists who need me. The anti-choicers are going to flip why they find out that my “day job” now is as a nanny. So, please enjoy the comments here and the back and forth when I tweet about #homebase — my tag for auntie-related bragging and silliness.

This is my first supportive living situation. Ever. I’m helping my girl Z (her public nickname for obvious privacy/security reasons) build a family by being a caretaker for munchkin and nugget; she’s helping me continue building a platform by giving me a safe living space to get healthy. It’s been amazing for my anxiety to have sun, breeze, family, and time with my nieces. Never write off the healing ability of kiddo cuteness.

The anxiety that I talk about a lot publicly is at a much less dangerous level than it has been at any point this year. I’m working on letting myself off the hook; I’m an overachiever by nature and needing help is hard for me. Being able to contribute (childcare for two kids under two is at minimum $25,000/year) to a house feels good, productive, calming and is giving me enough relief to start planning and writing again.

Thanks for posting my work as it publishes, sending supportive messages and making me feel like what I do matters while I find a way to continue doing it. I hardly have words for what it means to know that people value what I do.

And now, for some catch up!

I recently spent three weeks in Texas and then ran home to Brooklyn to pack and move cross-country. I did some writing, some activist-ing and some media that didn’t make it onto the blog. So, here’s a round-up of what you might have missed if you use KatieSpeak.com to keep track of what I’m up to:

While I was in Texas…

….I was on Netroots Radio: ”Netroots Radio, The After Show — #ExposeStopPatriarchy (08/13/14)”

….and Emprog Radio: “Emoprog Army Radio Hour — Eps 25: #ReproductiveJustice (08/25/14)”

…and helped produce a video tour of an ambulatory surgical center (the provision of HB2 that just closed the most recent wave of clinics) with Andrea Grimes of RH Reality Check: “Another Choice Lost: HB 2 Closes Most of Texas’ Independent Abortion Providers.”

Here’s the video solo so you don’t have to click through:

I also published 2 1/2 pieces on Stop Patriarchy (yes, I’m still working on this project):
At Bitch: “In Texas, Activist Group “Stop Patriarchy” Draws Criticism”
At Salon: “Are the white women wearing actual chains?” — Meet the abortion rights group Texas feminists oppose. New York-based Stop Patriarchy says it’s in Texas to “help.” A coalition of advocates have said, “No thanks.”
At Alternet (repost from Bitch): “Activist Group Comes Under Fire for Equating Abortion Restrictions With Slavery: Stop Patriarchy has been criticized for its un-feminist, clueless messaging.”

Before I left NYC…

…I snuck in a new byline at The Frisky: “The Soapbox: TIME Shouldn’t Question #WhyIStayed.”

….and packed in as much as I could including two spots at AriseTV and two HuffPost Live Women/Media/News (#WMN) panels with Caroline MT.


07/31/14 #WMN (Women Media News) with Katie McDonough & Zerlina Maxwell talking #womenagainstfeminism, Dawkins/Rice/Smith non-apology apologies, smiling to fight back and Mississippi’s #PinkHouse staying open!
Click to watch: “MA’s governor signs buffer zone bill, Mississippi’s last open abortion clinic and more #WMN

09/05/14 #WMN (Women Media News) with Esther Armah and Rebecca Ruiz talking the White House’s female Chief Tech Officer, what’s behind our nude photo obsession and more. Click here: #WMN

09/05/14 Reporters Rewind with Brandon Robinson and Wallace Ford

09/12/14 Reporters Rewind, again with Brandon Robinson and Wallace Ford

So now you’re mostly caught up! Thanks for hanging with me.

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  1. Well, we were sorry to see you leave the East Coast, but I’m glad you have a good new home and can continue your work in a supportive environment. 🙂


  1. Happy New Year! Announcements! Launch of #GetWell2015! |

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