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There are now eight clinics legally allowed to provide abortion care to the 5.4 million Texans of reproductive age. The Fifth Circuit, who’s ruling this week to impose the last measure of the omnibus anti-abortion law known as HB2 which has now shuttered 80 percent of the state’s safe abortion providers, estimated that 900,000 Texans will now need to travel more than 150 miles to access care.

In a state where barriers to birth control and other early reproductive health services means over half the pregnancies are unintended, this is nothing less than a public health crisis. From nearly 50 clinics a few years ago to 8 — and those in the eastern cities are also seeing patients from neighboring Louisiana.

SUPPORT Fund Texas Choice and the Center For Reproductive Rights.

Hal does a great job of calling out Justice Scalia for protecting Hobby Lobby’s “right” to deny its employees full use of their earned health insurance for reproductive care while the CEOs invest in companies that manufacture drugs used for lethal injections. ::drop mic::

And so, Hal and I will keep talking about this. Over and over and over all the way to the Supreme Court and through the next election when I promise you access to reproductive care will be front and center whether we’re Ready For Hillary or not.

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In case you don’t click on all the links (no one reads it all — that’s why I’m here), I’m going to excerpt some from the articles below because of importance and a need for you to be outraged.

You’ll probably need to read this from Jessica Mason Pieklo’s piece twice because courts and double negatives and legalese (parenthesis mine):

According to the Fifth Circuit, it was not Judge Lee Yeakel’s (the excellent — GOP APPOINTED — judge who’s decision nailed the fake experts and intent of the anti-choicers) job to weigh the arguments or to evaluate the credibility of the providers’ claims and the State of Texas’ defenses, including their alleged reason for imposing yet another burden on accessing abortion. Nope. Instead of you know, judging, it was apparently Yeakel’s job as district court judge to take the Texas legislature at its word, because to do otherwise and strike the law as unconstitutional would be “perilous.” The precedent the Fifth Circuit cited for this outrageous proposition that the federal courts are to rubber stamp Texas’ anti-abortion restrictions, evidence be damned? Its previous decision ruling that the admitting privileges provision in HB 2 posed no undue burden on abortion rights, despite the devastating wave of clinic closures that followed its enforcement.

So, the Fifth Circuit sites their decision from last year — which you’ll remember closed the mass of clinics overnight on Halloween — in order to rubber stamp the Texas legislature despite science and reason and, OH YEAH EMPATHY AND PUBLIC SAFETY.

Also, this on “undue burden:”

An undue burden, according to the Supreme Court in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, is supposedly in action “if a regulation’s purpose or effect is to place a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion before the fetus attains viability.”
Immediately following the decision, at least seven clinics were forced to close. By the Fifth Circuit’s own estimates, approximately 900,000 Texans will now be forced to travel more than 150 miles to access abortion care. Others estimate that number at more than a million. But that’s still not enough to reach the magical, elusive “undue burden” required to prevent the law from taking effect.

Watch Nancy Northrup of the Center for Reproductive Rights on All In With Chris Hayes and support CRR’s work so they can challenge the constitutionality of these harmful laws:
“13 Texas abortion clinics close overnight | MSNBC”

And check out the difference between a licensed abortion facility and an ambulatory surgical center — the requirement now enforced by the Fifth Circuit that closed the most recent wave of clinics — in a tour I helped produce of the San Antonio Whole Woman’s clinics hosted/produced by Andrea Grimes:

Links to on-air references:

“No Undue Burden? What Texas’ HB 2 Means for Maria*” by Andrea Grimes at Rh Reality Check

“Fifth Circuit Rules No Burden Too Great to Deny Texans Safe Abortion Care” by Jessica Mason Pieklo at RH Reality Check

“Report: States With Most Abortion Restrictions Have Worst Health Outcomes” by Teddy Wilson at RH Reality Check

“13 Texas abortion clinics close overnight | MSNBC” by Irin Carmon at MSNBC.com

“Andrea Ferrigno on Being Forced to Close Our Doors in McAllen Once Again [VIDEO] |” via Whole Woman’s Health

“Another Choice Lost: HB 2 Targets Most of Texas’ Independent Abortion Providers (Updated)” by Andrea Grimes at Rh Reality Check

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