Emoprog Army Radio Hour — Eps 25: #ReproductiveJustice (08/25/14)

In brief: Panel chat with some great repro justice advocates!

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Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: Emoprog Radio 08/25/14 — Episode 25: Reproductive Justice


While I was in Texas, I got the chance to record a panel interview with some of my favorite reproductive justice activists. With the travel & moving cross-country (more on that later), I didn’t get the clip posted right away. So, here it is with the intro from our hosts at Emoprog Army Radio Hour:

Hosted by @violentfanon and @caulkthewagon, with guests Britni de la Cretaz, Natasha Vianna, Jessica Luther and Katie Klabusich. Britni and Natasha are Boston-based activists, Katie is a journalist and activist based in Brooklyn, and Jessica is a journalist and activist based in Texas. All are active in reproductive justice fights across the country.

We discuss the McCutcheon Supreme Court decision that struck down Massachusetts’ abortion clinic free speech buffer zone law, as well as legislation set to be implimented in Texas that will result in the majority of reproductive health clinics closing. We also discuss ways to fight back against these measures as well as defend against the broader assault against reproductive rights in America.

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