Netroots Radio: The After Show — #ExposeStopPatriarchy (08/13/14)

In brief: Justice Putnam of Netroots Radio was an early supporter of my #ExposeStopPatriarchy project. He had me on this week to talk about their “grifting” (his word) and the amazing activists on the ground in Texas I’ve profiled at Bitch, Alternet and Salon This work is ongoing; you can support it HERE.

Note: This is what I do now; I’m an activist full-time. I’m completely committed to changing the face of clinic access in this country. If you can, consider supporting my work so I can do more of it by clicking HERE and making a one-time or recurring (just click the box) contribution. All the funding goes to equipment, travel to other conferences/clinics/meetings with pro-choice legislators/training new escort programs and supplies. Thank you!

Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: Netroots Radio After Show 08/13/14 — #ExposeStopPatriarchy


Justice (yes, that’s his actual name) and I chatted about the fantastic work of NARAL Texas and Progress Texas getting anti-choicers on tape training their picketers to intimidate abortion clinic patients — because always start out with awesome! We then discussed my work to expose the group Stop Patriarchy and its patriarch Bob Avakian.

We contrasted this umbrella “activist” group touring the Lone Star State as disruptors while not contributing anything to the on-the-ground work with those organizations and activists I’ve profiled in the pieces I’ve published so far. Texans are doing inspiring work here and the condescension and deception of Stop Patriarchy is offensive and dangerous to the reproductive rights and justice movements.

Links to on-air references:

“Undercover Audio Reveals Intimidation Tactics of Texas Anti-Abortion Groups” via Progress Texas and NARAL Texas

Texans For Reproductive Justice ”Call To Action” — 10 Texas organizations to support as an in-state or out-of-state ally

My piece at Salon: “Are the white women wearing actual chains?” — Meet the abortion rights group Texas feminists oppose. New York-based Stop Patriarchy says it’s in Texas to “help.” A coalition of advocates have said, “No thanks.”

My piece at Bitch: “In Texas, Activist Group “Stop Patriarchy” Draws Criticism”

My piece at Alternet: “Activist Group Comes Under Fire for Equating Abortion Restrictions With Slavery: Stop Patriarchy has been criticized for its un-feminist, clueless messaging.”

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