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In brief: We cannot, as a movement, brush off divisive, dishonest, self-serving groups simply because they “aren’t all that big yet.” Stop Patriarchy is gaining a foothold in mainstream and progressive outlets all the while not disclosing that their goal is to promote a patriarch and his Revolutionary Communist Party. I want to discredit them now, before we spend the rest of our organizing lives competing with them for resources and messaging. You can help: support Expose Stop Patriarchy.

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I’ve had about enough. Since I posted #FuckStopPatriarchy, the voices of activists and organizers have gotten louder in their requests for the group to stay home and cancel their appropriatively titled “Freedom Ride.” Criticism of their exclusionary messaging and chaotic, unhelpful tactics have been met with cries of “MCCARTHYISM!” People requesting disclosure on where the nearly $40,000 they’ve raised between the kickstarter and the advertising push are brushed off.

Today we found out why.

It turns out, the entire “Freedom Ride” thing is just so they can make a movie, according to Genevieve Cato at Burnt Orange Report.

Groups like Fund Texas Women who have repeatedly asked politely how the Stop Patriarchy organizers plan to help living breathing Texans with messages like this one:

…are met with silence. Texans for Reproductive Justice put together a very comprehensive compilation of just how many aspects of SP are troubling and their letter was used to call for “revolution” — whatever that means.

The “abortion on demand without apology” message is powerful and blinds people — media especially — to the rest of their slogan, which actually reads: “End Pornography & Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women!” They’re a week into the trip and already getting positive coverage, interviews that exclude criticisms and sloppy, lazy “reporting” by outlets that just want clicks/views.

So I’m going to Texas. My expose isn’t simply about Texas — though I really love Texas, my friends there and the organizations I’ve fundraised for over the past year. I’m taking the trip and doing the work because we have no space in our movement for the divisiveness that Stop Patriarchy is causing. I’m hearing stories from all over the country of their disruption and I refuse to spend the rest of my organizing life fighting with them for messaging and resources.

They claim to be a 501c3, which I believe as much as I believe their list of “supporters” on the advertising page. When I saw Martha Plimpton’s name, I didn’t believe it. After giving her the heads up, this happened:

Her name has been removed, but I never saw a public comment about it. Perhaps they just hoped her 163,000 Twitter followers wouldn’t notice.

I agonized over the optics of needing help getting to Texas while railing about a group fundraising for a trip to the Lone Star State. I wish I could fly on my own dime. However, after having a couple folks in Austin reach out and ask me to come while offering to help pay for the trip, I couldn’t say no. I’m pretty awful at saying no. Especially since this is about all of us. Stop Patriarchy chose Texas because they think the photo op is, well, optimal. But it’s an entire movement they’re attempting to take over and multiple marginalized groups they are co-opting.

I can’t sit by and wait until they’ve amassed a cache of supporters and become media darlings to discredit them. In my Expose Stop Patriarchy crowd fund I put it this way:

We have limited resources in pro-choice organizing; there’s no room in the reproductive rights movement for those who would divert tens of thousands of dollars annually for photo-ops that support a dude named Bob and his “Revolutionary Communist Party.”

If you can, help me investigate who they are and what their agenda really is by talking to reproductive rights organizers and activists around the country, reading through their Revolutionary Communist Party propaganda and seeing their antics first hand. With the support the project has already received, I’ve had outlets show interest in different aspects of Stop Patriarchy’s tactics and history. The more I can put into this project, the faster we can all get back to work.

Thank you.

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