Licenses for Sidewalk Counselors

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McCullen v. Coakley got me thinking.

Justice Scalia is intent on calling the people who stand outside offering their opinions to strangers entering clinics counselors, not protesters. The plaintiff in the case, Eleanor McCullen, claims she’s just a mother and grandmother who wants to give people information about abortion before they enter clinics.

If we’re going to call them counselors, then let’s regulate them the way we do all mental health professionals. Moms and grandmoms can offer advice at home and on the phone all they want, but if they hold themselves out in public as counselors, they should be required to have the same credentials as someone who offers counseling in the more traditional setting of an office.

Not to get too technical, but the credentials will probably need to be a certain size, and framed, and printed in at least two languages in some parts of the country…

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  1. I was thinking the same thing! If you want to call yourself a “sidewalk counselor” and that language is ubiquitous to the extent that a Supreme Court justice is using it, then you should have to get a degree and a license.

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