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I’ve been officially busted. Newsbusters — the right-wing “watch dog” outlet that calls itself “the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias” — latched onto my recent appearance alongside Kelly Carlin on Dennis Trainor Jr’s AcronymTV show.

I love Dennis as an interviewer and jumped at the chance to do long-form anything with him — and that was before I knew Kelly was going to be on with me. The resulting conversation is some of the most fun I’ve ever had; for the right-wing to trash it is an unexpected bonus.

Kristine Marsh takes issue with basically everything we said on the show in her post: “Lefty TV: Abortion is About ‘My Fundamental Right To Life.’” She makes some half-assed attempts at proving my “hypocrisy” and her commenters (spoiler alert, they’re about 90% white, cis, straight men) enjoying pointing out — among other things — that “even the devil can quote scripture.” Recovering from that is going to take a whi– Never mind. I’ve already forgotten about it.

This is my favorite part for obvious reasons:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 1.15.13 PM

If they thought this was radical, they should — well, first they should’ve learned the definition of the phrase “radical feminist,” but since they didn’t, I’m using the word radical to simply mean “extreme” — stick around. And maybe check out some of my appearances on Dangerous Conversation where I don’t have FCC regulations and Ledge purposely pokes at me so he can use the profanity bell. They would particularly dig “Pot, Pope, Pucks and Vaginas” — Dangerous Conversation, New Media Mondays (01/06/14).” That would keep them busy for a while.

Frankly, it was pretty surreal to land on their site after not ever having stepped foot on corporate broadcast media. They tend to stick mainly to well-known liberal talking heads, typically just transcribing their words to be consumed and commented on by their intellectually vapid subscribers. I suspect they may have found the AcronymTV clip thanks to the HuffPo piece Dennis posted: “Should Women Apologize for Abortion?” However they found it, I’m celebrating! Feel free to pass it around, leave comments and encourage Newsbusters to write about me again. It’s great for traffic to my website and social media feeds and, frankly, gets the message out faster than just speaking to and writing for those of us who already support bodily autonomy for all people.

Watch the full conversation at the AcronymTV YouTube channel and pass it around. Dennis is stellar at what he does and this show should be a well-funded, highly distributed part of our cultural dialog.

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  1. Hi, I saw a film a few years back, divided into different stories over several decades, not done as first-person accounts, each was harrowing, but none moreso than the one where someone walked into an American clinic and shot someone working there; the memory of the film has always stayed with me; though sorry I cannot remember the title (I’ve just been trying to Google to remember it) I think you are 100% right in what you say, and that you and all the other people working in this field to help women are very courageous.

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