Reflection 124: “Most people haven’t considered marriage as the affirmative choice; for most it’s the default position (just like having kids).”

I’m honored to be part of this really unique project examining how marriage is seen in our culture and what that means for people who make all the choices related to the institution as we’ve defined it. I hope you’ll take the time to read a number of the thought-provoking and honest entries!

From the info at The Marriage Project:
Why The Marriage Project?
The Marriage Project is my investigation into a decision that is deeply personal and deeply political. When my friends began getting married, I couldn’t stop wanting to know, over and over, why? What were their motivations? Was it about love? Babies? Health insurance? Being “completed”? How were they making these decisions? Why was it that every woman I knew seemed to be doing the same thing?
I want to interrogate the “sacred cow” of marriage, to ask questions that women tell me they are seldom asked about what’s assumed to be an inevitability, a step taken by people in love (depending on what state you live in and your gender and sexual identity) are told to take if they are really “serious.” In short- what’s the difference between what we’re told to believe about marriage and the reality? Ultimately, it’s a tool for women to connect with one another, and to talk about how marriage and other choices impact how we understand the notion of feminism, femininity and what it means to be a woman.

Click here: The Marriage Project, Reflection 124 for my Q&A on why I’m not married and don’t want to be. Then, peruse the page for diverse answers and break downs of cultural norms. It’s not a parade of marriage bashing (my entry certainly isn’t); rather, it’s a groups of people being honest about who they are and what they want from life and each other.

Please comment and let the creators know you appreciate their efforts to broaden our societal conversation and let people who don’t fit comfortably in the expected boxes know that they are valued as much as those who walk down the isle.

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The Marriage Project

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