BradCast — “PLAL Targeting and Response” (04/02/14)

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Yesterday I had the privilege of jumping on the BradCast with one of my favorite investigative journalists and broadcasters, Brad Friedman. He invited Eric Schiedler of the ProLife Action League on to respond to my perception of the Lenten “prayer” campaign. Brad might now be my favorite person.

Though he primarily focuses on voting (he’s why we know things about voting machines), climate and the corrupting influence of money in politics, he wielded the reproductive rights language like a pro and asked questions that wouldn’t even have occurred to me. Definitely take the time to listen to his full show and subscribe to his blog.

Also take the time to leave a comment and thank him for bringing the issue of widespread clinic closures, necessity of clinic defense escort volunteers and renewed climate of violence around basic reproductive healthcare. We need every ally; he is certainly a strong one.

Easy download/stream of my clip:

Enhanced audio: BradCast 04/02/14 — PLAL Targeting and Response

Notes from the BradCast blog post: “Reproductive Rights, Campaign Finance Law and the First Amendment: KPFK ‘BradCast'”

It was a roller-coaster of a news day today, so it was a roller-coaster of a BradCast on KPFK/Pacifica Radio.

First, I was joined by Katie Klabusich of and Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League (PLAL). Klabusich was recently “targeted” by PLAL on their website, for her work as an abortion clinic escort trying to help women seeking cancer screenings, termination of pregnancies, prenatal care or birth control as they face a gauntlet of anti-choice protesters.

Klabusich wrote an “Open Letter to Legislators From a Clinic Escort” this week at Truthout, calling for buffer zones around such clinics, so women can visit their doctor without harassment. Scheidler, who says he supports buffer zones around voting precincts, disagrees that buffer zones should be allowed around reproductive medical facilities. He also feels that his organization did not threaten Klabusich by posting her name, photo and the city where she lives and works and asking supporters to share it far and wide under the guise of “praying” for her.

It was an enlightening conversation with the two of them.

I don’t plan to quit talking about this. If it’s ok to target me with multiple posts, emails, internet memes, twitter harassment, etc. — who exactly does the ProLife Action League consider to be off-limits? I’m not exactly a private citizen considering my public activism and media work, but I’m certainly not the highest profile pro-choice advocate or talking head in this country.

More media seems to be taking notice that anti-choice groups aren’t limiting their targeting to slandering and threatening doctors. They’re moved on to journalists and activists. This is not ok. Still waiting on the corporate media to wake up. (Yes, I’m aware that could be a long wait, but I’m not giving up.)

So, thank you to Brad and other independent hosts/writers who understand the history and are appropriately outraged at the (at best) irresponsible behavior and rhetoric of the PLAL. Hopefully, it can shine a light on the behind the scenes destructive actions they’ve been engaged in since their public move to non-violence.

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