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I never have listened very well to people who think they should be in charge while lacking the moral authority to back that up. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who has known, listened to or followed me for more than a minute that putting my face on a poster for 40 days wasn’t going to silence me.

The ProLife Action League has pretended to be surprised at the level of pushback and outrage. The head of the PLAL himself, Eric Scheidler (son of the extremist “year of pain and fear” founder, Joseph) wrote another post this week. It’s pretty long. It does a lot of rambling. And, as expected, the number of logical fallacies will make you nearly lose your mind. I’m questioning reporting from The Guardian that says fasting protects the brain — clearly not in all cases.

The creepiest part is that my face is apparently decorating some PLAL follower walls:

By the hundreds, they’re giving up meals and offering daily prayers for Robin Marty, Katie Klabusich and Cheryl Chastine. They’re printing out our Facebook graphic and putting it by their bedsides. They’re offering up Masses. One woman has even taken on a bread and water fast.


I’d say this was designed to reassure me about their intentions if he hadn’t spent so much time calling me their “enemy” and saying how hard he personally found it to pray for someone so “hard to like.” Weird that he expects his followers to pray for me anyway, right? I can only surmise that this long diatribe was meant to further intimidate myself and Dr. Chastine. (He seems to let Robin off the hook. Which is nice because she’s a super person who shouldn’t have been targeted either. Though, I will say she does seem to have been left in all the photos, Facebook cover graphics, etc.) I have to say, the PLAL must not be very good at The Google if they thought this was going to sit me down and shut me up. Here’s where I’ve been just this week:

I think doing Hal Sparks’s show goes without saying.

I couldn’t talk about an extreme, fundamentalist religious group with out going on Dangerous Conversation. I reached out to Ledge and it took him about five seconds to squeeze me in on a jam packed Monday. I continue to be appreciative of his generous hospitality and the use of his mic to discuss issues that matter to me.

Of course, Matthew Filipowicz was the first to invite me on. Considering he was the first to ask me to tell my abortion story way back when I started writing again, my long-time readers/subscribers won’t be surprised to hear he jumped at the chance to talk about the PLAL: (YouTube version coming) MFS 03/18/14

I was pretty psyched to be on Radio Dispatch. Long a fan of John and Molly Knefel, I had a feeling they would be into helping me ‘encourage’ the mainstream media to cover some white Christian domestic terrorism activity. Their interview — Katie Klabusich on Hostile Pro-Lifers didn’t disappoint. They’re both badasses who’s work you should be reading and listening to.

And a special thanks I can’t even type without being all teary-eyed and sappy. My friend Michael Brooks took time on The Majority Report to not just talk about the PLAL, but call for solidarity. He and co-host/co-producer Matt Binder give the ‘sincerity’ of the prayer campaign the appropriate treatment and demand that people take seriously the culture and climate of violence that the PLAL certainly knows they’re contributing to:

This isn’t the last of the media coverage. I’ll have more to share as interviews are published. If there are outlets you feel should be covering this issue, this post is available to make the point that people do care about the targeting of media, of Americans, of the providers of basic healthcare and Constitutionally protected rights. None of this should be ok. It shouldn’t be ok with you, it shouldn’t be ok with media, it shouldn’t be ok with anyone. If they can put my face on a poster — I mean, who am I really? — than is anyone off limits to anti-choice extremist targeting? It’s time we said enough and stopped turning away from the generational hatred. They can be the next Westboro Baptist Church — a formerly scary punchline — if we choose. But we must decide.

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  1. Hello Katie, it was a nice brief chat i had with today on the way down town, you are in my prayers. Keep up the good work!

  2. For every prayer they lodge for God to grant you ‘wisdom’, let me counter with a prayer for God to grant you strength, for your compassion for the clients of these clinics supersedes the disingenuous “help” these people would provide by stripping a pregnant person of their rights.


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