Dangerous Conversation — PLAL Wanted Poster! (03/17/14)

Note: This is what I do now; I’m an activist full-time. I’m completely committed to changing the face of clinic access in this country. If you can, consider supporting my work so I can do more of it by clicking HERE and making a one-time or recurring (just click the box) contribution. All the funding goes to equipment, travel to other conferences/clinics/meetings with pro-choice legislators/training new escort programs and supplies. Thank you!

As always, chatting with Ledge was fantastic. He squeezed me in on a busy Monday because of the PLAL wanted poster business and we talked the reality of anti-choice violence. (Yes, we managed to laugh and make it interesting.) This isn’t a long gone history, it’s happening now. If groups feel like they are free to target me, who exactly isn’t a target?

We wrapped up in time to chat BASEBALL and HOCKEY because it’s what we do. So, enjoy that new followers/listeners who thought I was all abortion all the time. And, because it’s the internet this is NSFW — Not Safe For Work — as I do tend to swear when I chat with Ledge. Not gonna lie, it’s one reason I do the show. (Not really, but do I appreciate a non-FCC outlet.)

Much thanks to Ledge for asking how people can support me (link below) and how they could push back against the PLAL. If you want, you can contribute to my Abortion Funds bowl-a-thon by donating in their name! Click here: High Roellers Team, NYAAF

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Enhanced audio: Dangerous Conversation 03/17/14 — PLAL Wanted Poster!

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